¿Cómo actualizo mi boleto en American Airlines?

¿Cómo actualizo mi boleto en American Airlines?


Thinking of getting the most excellent option to make your flight easy and comfortable. Passengers mostly face problems in How do I update my ticket on American Airlines? For that, you need to book American Airlines flights and get several opportunities to enjoy the benefits of the upgrade.

How do I update my ticket on American Airlines? (Steps)

Below are the points mentioned to improve your ticket on American Airlines:

  • Start your process by accessing the official American Airlines website link https://www.aa.com/ and selecting the update section.
  • A new page will be displayed where you must complete your offer.

You can also contact American Airlines by calling:

For US passengers:    800-433-7300/+1-800-548-3192.

For passengers from Australia:               02-9101-1948.

  • As we move on to the next page, enter the details related to the flight seat you want for yourself.
  • Then fill in your card credentials to make your upgrade payment.

You can also upgrade by contacting American Airlines Customer Service ; you can call their toll-free number at:

For US passengers:    800-433-7300/+1-800-548-3192 o +1 801 630 8358 .

For passengers from Australia:               02-9101-1948.

  • Finally, check the details such as the passenger’s last name, reservation code number, etc. Then later on, tap the Submit button to pay for the flight seat upgrade.
  • At the time American Airlines receives your flight upgrade request, it will verify it and find out if it meets the eligibility criteria of the policies.
  • You will receive an email informing you that your offer has been accepted or that your application has not been accepted.

Can you upgrade to an American Airlines business class ticket?

Yes! But the truth is that, ultimately, it depends on the availability and the type of plane ticket. In some cases, the business class of your flight is full; then the update will not be possible.

However, on the other hand, if there is no room in economy class and there is still room in business class, in such situations, the chances of your upgrade are very high.

How do I update my ticket on American Airlines?

What is the phone number for American Airlines customer service? (Contact number)

Call us. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by contacting the American Airlines Customer Service phone number listed below:

Morocco:                         0520-001-375

South Africa*:                        011-844-6067

Australia:                         02-9101-1948

China: 400-818-7333       

Hong Kong:                          3057-9197

India: 0124-601-4200 or 0124-417-6700       

Indonesian:                           +65-634-98444

Japan: 03-4333-7675       

Malaysia:                          03-2053-5120

New Zealand:                         09-308-4014

Filipinas:                         02-8524-8625

Singapur:         6349-8444

Tailandia:         02-634-1031 o 02-634-1032

Taiwán :                 02-2563-1200

Sri Lanka :                 072-098-7370

Sitio web oficial de American Airlines: https://www.aa.com/


Al leer el blog anterior, puede actualizar su boleto fácilmente después de reservar un boleto en American Airlines. Además, debe tener en cuenta todos sus términos y condiciones al solicitar una actualización. Y, si te quedas atascado en algún lugar, puedes acercarte de inmediato al Número de Servicio al Cliente de American Airlines.


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