¿Cómo cancelo y reembolso en American Airlines?

¿Cómo cancelo y reembolso en American Airlines?


Passengers can only cancel their tickets and get a full refund from the airline within several days. However, passengers ask how do I cancel and refund on American Airlines? By reading this blog, passengers will be able to cancel their tickets and get a refund from the airline.

What does the American Airlines cancellation policy say? (Politics)

Here are the simple guided lines of the airline’s cancellation policy:-

  • The traveler will cancel their price tag within twenty-four hours of booking and can get a full refund from the airline.
  • Cancellation of tickets must be made seven days prior to scheduled departure.
  • If the airline cancels their flight, the traveler will claim a full refund from the airline.
  • Now, if the traveler has a business category rate, they can cancel their price tag without paying a cancellation fee.
  • If the flight is delayed five hours, the traveler will trigger a full refund.

You can also contact American Airlines by calling:

For US passengers: 800-433-7300/+1-800-548-3192 o +1 801 630 8358 .

For passengers from Australia: 02-9101-1948.

  • The airline denies boarding to the traveler who is carrying a confirmed price tag. Then, during this case together, the traveler is eligible for a full refund.
  • All refunds created by the airline can be reflected in the Passenger’s account within 7 to 20 business days.
  • Refunds would be made by the airline in the original type of payment, that is, during which the traveler has purchased their price tag.

How do I cancel and refund on American Airlines?  (Process)

Here are the two easy methods to cancel your tickets with American Airlines:-

Method 1: Cancellation through the site

  • First of all, you will need to open your web browser and visit the link https://www.aa.com/ , which will take you to the official page.
  • of this carrier.
  • Scrolling further on the home page, you will find a panel with four/4 tabs. Among these, select the «My Trips» tab.
  • You will need to enter critical information about your reservation and specific personal details. These details include «Passenger First Name», «Passenger Last Name» and «Booking Reference».
  • When entering this information, click on «Search Reservation» on the right.

How do I cancel and refund on American Airlines?


For US passengers: 800-433-7300/+1-800-548-3192.

For passengers from Australia: 02-9101-1948.

  • The site will now show you a popup. Select the trip to cancel.
  • Use the «View/Change» option to see the full details of your flight.
  • Next, select the «Cancel American Flight» option to request a cancellation.
  • By following the instructions and prompts on the screen, you will be able to complete the process of canceling your flight.
  • Efectuar el pago de eventuales gastos de cancelación.
  • Su vuelo se considerará cancelado una vez que reciba el correo electrónico de confirmación de la aerolínea en su identificación registrada.

Método 2: Conexión con el servicio de atención al cliente

  • Si prefiere los métodos tradicionales, ponerse en contacto con el servicio de atención al cliente para su requerimiento es una opción plausible. Este método de llamar directamente a la aerolínea es la opción más flexible.

También puede comunicarse con American Airlines llamando al:

Para pasajeros de EE. UU.: 800-433-7300/+1-800-548-3192.

Para los pasajeros de Australia: 02-9101-1948.

  • Con esto, consigues aclarar tus dudas de primera mano y estar seguro de la autenticidad de la cancelación de tu billete de American Airlines.

¿Cuál es el número de teléfono de atención al cliente de American Airlines? (Número de contacto)

Llamanos. Estamos aquí para usted las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana comunicándonos con el número de teléfono de Servicio al Cliente de American Airlines que se menciona a continuación:

Marruecos:                        0520-001-375

Sudáfrica*:                       011-844-6067

Australia:                        02-9101-1948

China:         400-818-7333

Hong Kong:                         3057-9197

India:         0124-601-4200 o 0124-417-6700

Indonesia:                          +65-634-98444

Japón:         03-4333-7675

Malasia:                         03-2053-5120

Nueva Zelanda:                        09-308-4014

Filipinas:                         02-8524-8625

Singapur:         6349-8444

Tailandia:         02-634-1031 o 02-634-1032

Taiwán :                 02-2563-1200

Sri Lanka :                 072-098-7370

Sitio web oficial de American Airlines: https://www.aa.com/


So by following the above procedure, you can easily cancel your early booked ticket on American Airlines. This will help you if you keep all the rules and regulations while changing your access. And, if you get stuck anywhere, contact the American Airlines Customer Service Number right away. We hope that you will be able to cancel your ticket quickly.


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